Our customised solutions help clients achieve substantial business benefits.

Case Studies

Callista's customised solutions have helped our clients achieve substantial business benefits. Read more about what our clients have achieved in these case studies.

Callista Agile Development Methodology


Callista created an agile development methodology to provide greater stakeholder management, value to the business process and to enable focus on the users and their experience.




Callista Precedents


Callista Precedents was developed By Callista Software Services in conjunction with three members of the Callista Community: Edith Cowan University, Charles Darwin University and Monash University.


The development process began with an intensive initial workshop run by Callista on ECU's Joondalup campus. Delivered on time and on budget, the Precedents functionality is delivering value to the initial three sponsors and other members of the Callista community.



The Precedents video features Peter Corbett from Edith Cowan University and Kate Thorpe from Monash University.


Peter and Kate share their experience of working with Callista on an Accelerated Development project and they discuss the Callista Student Management System Precedents functionality and how it supports their business.


Callista helps overcome Results Release Issues


The University of Western Sydney engaged Callista to investigate performance concerns related to the Spring 2013 results release to ensure that the 2014 release performed smoothly.


Callista enables Extensibility and Sharing


Callista provides a fully functional, robust enterprise student and curriculum management system through the Callista SMS.

We facilitate local extensions to this via the Callista development kit.


Charles Darwin University Benefits from Callista's Database Administration Services

Charles Darwin University (CDU) is founded on 50 years of delivering tertiary education in the Northern Territory and today offers a fresh approach to education, training, research and knowledge application.

Due to its remote location in Australia's north, CDU had trouble in recruiting suitably-qualified Database Administrators (DBAs). One of the original members of the Callista SMS community in 2004, Charles Darwin University decided in 2008 that it needed an extension of services to include monitoring, maintenance and support for its Callista environments.


Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education Leverage Callista Business Processing Outsourcing

A central task of the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education (BIITE) is the provision of tertiary education and training programs which engage students in the development of appropriate responses to issues of cultural survival, maintenance, renewal and transformation, within the context of the national and international social, political and economic order.

In 2007, BIITE was left with a significant resource gap when its Finance and Statistics Officer resigned. It needed to produce Statements of Account (SOAs) and Commonwealth Assistance Notices (CANs) for its students, as well as a statistics submission to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).


Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education utilise Callista's Hosting and Managed Services

Batchelor Institute began in the mid 1960s on the outskirts of Darwin as a small annexe of Kormilda College¿then a government boarding school for Aboriginal students. The Batchelor annexe provided short programs for Aboriginal teacher aides and assistants in community schools.

Callista developed a customised Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution to help BIITE meet its obligations to both its students and the Federal Government. This involved making Callista consultants with the relevant expertise available to BIITE in order to meet its deadlines.


Murdoch University streamlines class allocation with Callista Attend

Allocating 11,000 on-campus students to classes was a time-consuming manual task, both for Murdoch's academic staff and the students themselves. Students were frustrated by the time it took to sort out class allocations and the inevitable errors that occurred, and staff had better things to do than spend many tedious hours manually allocating students to classes.

To solve this issue, Murdoch University implemented Attend: a fully-integrated sub-system within the Callista Student Management System that offers students around-the-clock access via the web to manage their enrolment details and register their class preferences for all subjects, in one place.


Edith Cowan University mitigates risk with Callista SMS

Western Australia's second-largest university, with approximately 21,000 students, ECU had formerly relied on an in-house developed and maintained Student Records System. Supported by a single staff member, it did not provide the university with the capacity to meet ever-changing business needs and legislative requirements. Further, there was no contingency plan if the system failed or the only staff member able to maintain SRS became unavailable.

To mitigate risk and meet its strategic long-term goal to introduce responsive and sustainable organisational systems, ECU decided to deploy Callista's Student Management System, a robust, well-supported solution with an existing user base.


Avondale College Implementation

Avondale College traces its beginnings to 1892, when its predecessor institution was established in Melbourne to educate young people for employment in the developing work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. In 1897 the College was relocated to its present site in Cooranbong, New South Wales.

In 2007, Avondale College made the decision to replace its aging in-house Student Records System, SRS, with Callista SMS. The implementation of a new student system is a signifi cant task requiring
the dedication of a skilled team of resources for an extended period of time. Avondale recognised that it had neither the resources available nor the expertise to undertake a project of this magnitude on its own.


Callista Development and Applicant Portal

Callista's participating institutions are now offering potential students an innovative Application Portal which leverages web technology to speed administrative processes for all parties and integrates admissions within the entire student management lifecycle.

A module within the Callista Student Management System (Callista SMS), the Application Portal enables potential students to apply for a tertiary place online. Fully configurable by administrators, it allows the setting of business rules - such as the number of preferences able to be submitted. Presenting current course and unit details directly from the SMS, the possibility of out-of-date information being used by prospective students for their decision-making is eliminated.