Callista Consulting

Callista works exclusively within the Australian tertiary education sector, which makes us perfectly placed to deliver customised software development, training, software implementation, database administration and application management services for the tertiary enterprise.

Callista's consulting services offer real economic advantages and business benefits. Whether outsourcing a specific project, augmenting your in-house resources or initiating large-scale application development and implementation, you can leverage Callista's innovation, skills and experience to achieve your business objectives in a timely and efficient manner. Callista will assimilate your business imperatives and customise the resource required: from a single specialist to a team of developers.

Using Callista Consulting Services makes sound business sense:

Cost effective
Engaging Callista expertise when and where it's needed is a cost-effective option for accomplishing a specific task.

Speed to market
Bringing in experts to complement your in-house resources enables you to keep delivery of critical projects on track.

Skills transfer
Callista consultants work hand-in-hand with your team, sharing their specialist skills and helping get new team members rapidly up-to-speed.