Callista Development has a high-level Service Framework and ability to deliver on time and to budget.




Callista Development

Callista clients have already experienced the business benefits of our standard services and user community, delivered through the Callista Service Agreement (CSA). They have first-hand knowledge of our high-level Service Framework and ability to deliver on time and to budget.

Callista's methodology, refined in partnership with our customers over many years, combines the strength of PRINCE2, with an intimate knowledge of the Callista product and the Education sector.

Global management consultants

McKinsey & Company

noted, "There is a strong sense of commitment to meeting agreed project schedules, increasing quality and delivering cost efficiencies. To fulfil the CSA obligations, project schedules, budget and quality targets are being managed well. Changes in requirements or project plans are managed carefully to minimise risk of not meeting project deadlines or service quality targets. Callista demonstrated strong ability to deliver close to 100% of projects on time with solid and improving level of quality."


Standard Callista Development Services Delivered under the CSA

Callista Software Business Upgrades

This service involves the development of Callista Software in accordance with the Annual Plan and Roadmap. It includes participant interaction, as defined in the Development Methodology, on issues such as the provision of system requirements, co-ordination of the project committee (steering group), document reviews and acceptance testing. It covers service and product delivery, including delivery of comprehensive user documentation. The service can also be utilised to manage smaller, individual changes, not requiring alterations to the Annual Plan.

Roadmap Management

This service covers the comprehensive management of the Callista Roadmap for ongoing development of Callista SMS. It provides a management service, an information repository and associated facilities management; user account management, initiation of work to alter the Annual Plan, and management of the contingency reserve budget (as allocated within the Roadmap). It also includes the creation and investigation of concepts for new or enhanced product features, and the work required to assess and include Annual Plan changes into the Roadmap Plan.

Callista Custom Development Services

We can support our clients' individual needs by building new functionality, when and where required. Through this, we provide predictability, cost-effectiveness and customisation, leveraging our deep domain knowledge.

Callista Software Business Upgrade Release Preparation

This service covers collation of work undertaken, notification of intended software release, release packaging, product function testing (for existing, modified or new requirements), testing and checking the release, and provision of installation documentation.

Inclusion of Participant Local Development into Callista Software

This service covers evaluation and other activities required to incorporate a client's custom software into Callista SMS. Once planned for inclusion in the Annual Plan (adhering to Development Methodology), we undertake comprehensive software assessment, documentation and modification, as required.