Callista as an Employer of Choice; committed to exceptional standards of Corporate and Social Responsibility




Employer of Choice

Callista is an Employer of Choice, committed to exceptional standards of Corporate and Social Responsibility. Most of our staff reside in Geelong and have worked with Callista since its inception, providing a rich core of expertise and domain knowledge. Staff management skills and technical training receive high priority and Callista's core commitment to human resources nurtures this expertise, by providing a strong company culture and sense of unity.

Callista is a culturally diverse organisation. A quick walk around the floor finds people born in at least 10 countries. Surveys of staff regularly highlight that Callista is a great place to work; in a recent independent survey, 75% of staff indicated that 'overall I am satisfied with my employer'. Staff especially appreciate co-worker willingness to help one another.

Callista have a strong commitment to reducing our corporate environmental footprint, demonstrated by:

  • Using green electricity
  • Recycling
  • Purchasing environmentally-friendly equipment and rationalising servers
  • Paying carbon offset on flights
  • Installing video conferencing facilities

Callista and its staff has a strong commitment to our community by regularly sponsoring events and participating in fundraising activities.

Employer of Choice for Women

On March 17, 2012, Callista was recognised as an Employer of Choice for Women (EOCFW) by the Equal Opportunity in the Workplace Agency (EOWA). Callista is one of only 125 successful organisations across Australia, meeting stringent criteria to qualify for this prestigious citation.

At a luncheon to honour the 37 Victorian recipients of the award, EOWA Director, Ms Conway said employers that had qualified for the award are "attracting women into non-traditional roles where there are skills shortages, reaping the rewards of increased retention rates, and realising the benefits of flexible work practices".

"Leaders from across Australia from a diverse range of industries are realising the business benefits of receiving the EOCFW citation. This year¿s successful applicants are the trailblazers in the war for talent and I congratulate them for their innovation and commitment to improving gender equality in the workplace", Ms Conway concluded.

Female employees represent approximately one third of Callista¿s workforce. Half of our General Management team are female and nearly half of our management staff are female. Callista offers a number of initiatives to encourage women into our workforce:

  • Six weeks paid maternity leave
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Part time hours
  • 'Stay in Touch' program

This is a wonderful achievement for Callista and it is great to receive such significant recognition.