Callista SMS: comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution for the Australian Tertiary Education sector.

Features and Functions

The Callista Student Management System (SMS) offers a large and comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution for the tertiary education sector. Callista SMS covers the entire student lifecycle from initial enquiries and admission, through to enrolment, assessment and graduation.

The extensive functionality of Callista SMS manages the day-to-day processes of a tertiary institution, including the provision of online Connect portals for both students and staff. The system is used daily by over 200,000 students and many thousands of administrators and academics Australia wide.

Today's tertiary education students and staff demand a high level of accessibility and functionality from student management systems. Our objective is to minimise manual processes and provide a comprehensive service that is accessible any time and from anywhere.


Managing the Student Lifecycle

Callista SMS supports all aspects of the student lifecycle management. From initial contact with a university through Enquiries and Admission, Enrolment and Fees, and Assessment and Progression. Callista enables the management of student activities and finances and is fully supported by online services for student self-management. The system also provides interfaces between Callista and other products commonly used in higher education institutions, like Finance and Timetabling.

Sophisticated Course Completion and Graduation functionality gives staff the ability to manage course completion requirements, individual student progress towards completion, and award conferral.

Reporting functionality provides full support for the Government reporting requirements of institutions. Callista SMS also provides a range of standard reports for managing common information requirements, in addition to providing access to a series of extracts, functions and views for institutions to construct ad hoc reports.

The comprehensive and rich functionality for managing the student lifecycle is enabled by a powerful suite of Administrator Tools. This includes a fully-configurable layer of security that complements the standard Oracle database security. Security is always high on an institution's agenda and all data is subject to an audit trail that records changes by user and date.

The Callista Developers Kit (CDK) enables users of Callista SMS to extend the functionality either in forms, Connect or Java Server Faces.