Specialising in the provision of institution management services to the Australian tertiary sector.




Our Capability

Callista specialises in the provision of student management services to the Australian tertiary sector. Our products and services include:

Callista Student Management System - Callista SMS is now the core operating system for over a quarter of Australia's higher education institutions and is in daily use by several hundred thousand students and the many thousands of academic and administrative staff who support them.

Development Services - Callista provides Standard Development Services for Callista SMS under the Callista Service Agreement (CSA), as well as a range of non-standard services, customised development services for institutions requiring additional functionality, or bespoke application development.

Consulting Services - Callista's experienced consultants can deliver a wide range of customised consulting engagements.

Managed Services - Callista provides a range of Managed Services associated with the management of Callista SMS, as well as application hosting and Business Process Operations for tertiary institutions.

Implementation Services - Callista offers a range of implementation and system integration services for tertiary institutions implementing Callista SMS and other applications or business processes.

Support Services - Under the CSA, Callista delivers comprehensive support for Callista SMS, including a support hotline and regular releases of new functionality and patches.

Learning Management System Services - Callista offers industry best practice Evaluation and Implementation Services to procure, configure and implement your next LMS.