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In 2005, Callista Software Services entered into a radically different type of agreement with its clients. The higher education reforms of 2004 and the need to re-negotiate existing arrangements with clients in order to deliver new software functionality mandated by the reforms served as the catalyst to re-evaluate the traditional method of creating and managing agreements.

While the reforms operated as an external driver for change, the opportunity they presented was seized by the Callista community. The result was the creation of the Callista Service Agreement (CSA): the basis of a unique contractual relationship specially tailored to the higher education sector, which operates on a collaborative basis, rather than the typical adversarial customer/supplier arrangements common to the information technology industry.

The prototype agreement was designed by Callista and presented to all of Callista's Australian tertiary institution clients, to discuss and reach collective agreement on the nature and content of the new relationship.

After years of inspiration, collaboration and development, Callista SMS has become the leading, specialised, integrated, student administration solution, used by hundreds of thousands of students and administrators nationally. The vibrant Callista Community today consists of twelve clients, several of them operating across both the higher education and VET sectors.

A team of approximately 100 staff members, across Callista's Geelong and Melbourne offices, deliver and support innovative and integrated student life-cycle systems and solutions.