Our Model

We offer a service model which delivers a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of our community.

Callista's vision is to effect better student management through collaboration, innovation and specialisation. This vision is enshrined in the Callista Service Agreement (CSA) - our collaborative contractual arrangement with our participating institutions. This structure offers institutions unique benefits derived through participation in sourcing student system capability, vastly different to the traditional model.


Shared Service

By adopting Callista SMS, participants are able to enjoy the benefits of a shared service, while retaining the ability to differentiate their institution through customisable, value-added functionality. This model enables the participants to share collective insight and expertise to define and refine business functionality, develop a business case and implement the concepts in a shorter timeframe.


Decision-Making Structure

Callista Senior Executive Group (CSEG) and Callista Planning & Advisory Group (CPAG) function as collaborative partners providing strategic and technical direction. They have genuine influence over development and Callista operations. In contrast, traditional IT vendors encourage user groups, but only at a suggestion box level.


Open and Transparent

We function with total transparency to our participating institutions. The CSEG Chair attends Callista board meetings and we openly share information on operational performance.


Community Determination of Product Direction

Our planning processes enable our participants to dictate development priorities and cost allocation. The Pipeline Plan and Annual Plan for service enhancements and performance improvements are mutually agreed in advance, by all parties.


Financial Efficiency

Through equitable distribution of operational and development costs, we ensure that our clients get maximum value for their money. We actively work on growing our client base to increase the economies of scale and reduce overall costs for all of our participating institutions.


Proven Track Record

Whilst universities and TAFEs are provided with a significant amount of government funding, no institution that has implemented Callista has suffered cost blowouts or failures. In fact, Callista's clients enjoyed a 25% (in real terms) reduction in product development costs, in the three years from 2004. Ultimately, the Australian taxpayer is benefiting from the lower total cost of ownership of Callista and its unique shared service model.