Callista SMS exclusively designed for the Australian tertiary education sector.
The Callista SMS is continuously evolving to provide new functionality and reach enhanced levels of performance.

Callista SMS Product Overview

Callista's Student Management System (SMS) is a comprehensive, high performance and robust software solution for Australian Higher Education and TAFE institutions to manage the entire student lifecycle - from initial enquiries to graduation.


Based on the highly robust and secure Oracle platform, Callista SMS is a very large ERP system, built through a unique collaborative process between Callista's development team and tertiary education student administrators. Our development team's years of experience in student administration system development and within university administration have provided Callista with deep insights into the constantly evolving tertiary environment.


Best Practice

Callista SMS is continuously enhanced to provide sophisticated solutions for key business processes and to meet the challenges of new regulatory requirements. By leveraging shared user community business resources, ongoing collaborative product development and built-to-order system enhancements, Callista SMS delivers solutions for the widest possible range of educational administrative needs, across large and small institutions. Our users' requirements are captured with precision and new functionality is developed and tested with the involvement of users to ensure that their institution's needs are met.

The Callista SMS is highly configurable so that the different needs of individual institutions can be met. It provides a fully integrated Rules Management facility that applies an extensive set of user maintainable rules encompassing a broad range of functions.

Easily accessible via web-based portals designed for both student and staff use, the Callista SMS delivers a constantly evolving range of information and resources, accessible to anyone with a web browser and the necessary access privileges.



The Callista SMS is continually enhanced to comply with regulatory requirements for both the Higher Education and VET sectors. Ongoing development and careful planning in consultation with tertiary administrators and regulatory bodies ensure that the system meets new compliance requirements in a timely, effective and comprehensive manner.


Enterprise-Wide Benefits

Through its comprehensive and sophisticated functionality, and ever expanding suite of web enabled self-management features, the Callista SMS delivers cost effectiveness, increased productivity and a strong return on investment.


Open Standards and Proven Architecture

Callista has a commitment to proven and secure technology. Callista SMS is based on Open Standards and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), with a multi-tier architecture consisting of:

  • Database server - based on Oracle's RDBMS
  • Application server - based on Oracle Application Server
  • Web browser client - Connect portals for students and staff accessed using standard browsers


Multiple Sector Support

Since 2002-03, the Callista SMS has supported functionality required by VET and multi-sector institutions. 80% of the system's core functionality is suitable for use by both the Higher Education and VET sectors, with unique applications to cater for sector-specific needs.


Towards the Future

The Callista SMS is continuously evolving to provide new functionality and reach enhanced levels of performance. Because product development is determined by the Callista community of participating tertiary institutions, all institutions are assured that the Callista SMS will meet their needs as industry conditions change and new competitive pressures emerge.

Our uniquely placed development team (90% of our staff) is dedicated to everyday communication and responsiveness to our users' needs. Callista is wholly focused on student management solutions for the Australian environment, with over 75% of R&D and contracted revenues devoted to this core business area.