Callista Services

Callista is committed to providing the Australian tertiary sector with a highly responsive, collaborative service experience. We're in for the long haul, committed to developing our services to meet the specific and collective requirements of the Callista Community. Callista's unique 'shared service' model - the Callista Service Agreement (CSA) - is designed around user community participation, equitable cost distribution and transparent, agreed planning.

Our service model is governed by steering committees, Callista Senior Executive Group (CSEG) and Callista Planning and Advisory Group (CPAG), which shape strategic and technical direction of the Annual Plan, as well as our Service Quality Framework (SQF), providing an annual, formal process to assess services, impacts and initiate innovation where improvements can be made. Our SQF ensures participating institutions continue to derive value for their investment, into the future.

Callista Services are broken down into two categories:

Standard Services

CSA Standard Services are those collective services, agreed by the user community collaborating for their common good.

Incorporated within the Annual Plan, Standard Services are defined by and provided to all participants. They are split into four categories:

  • Development services
  • Support services
  • Release services
  • Technology services

During the Annual Planning Process, all information relating to resources, development and service costs is made available to the community, so they can make informed decisions about the direction and on-going development of Callista SMS.

Non-Standard Services

Callista's Non-Standard Services pertain to user-specific services, which fall outside of the CSA-approved framework. These services allow us to be highly flexible and adapt to the requirements of each institution. Non-Standard Services are provided to one or more participants at their request - and at additional cost specific to that participant - and include:

  • Local development including support and maintenance
  • Additional product development
  • Assistance with release upgrades
  • Undertaking business application processes, such as system configuration, roll-over of calendars, or statistical reporting
  • Implementation Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Managed Services
  • LMS Services


Callista works exclusively within the Australian tertiary education sector, which makes us perfectly placed to deliver customised software development, training, software implementation, database administration and application management services for the tertiary enterprise.



The development of Callista Software in accordance with the Annual Plan and Roadmap.


Managed Services

Callista can tailor a Managed Services option to meet the specific needs of your institution.



Callista offers comprehensive implementation services for the Callista Student Management System.



Providing innovative products is only part of our solution. Our products are backed by a comprehensive range of support services designed to exceed the needs of our clients.


Learning Management System Services

Looking to replace your current LMS, Callista can assist you with LMS product evaluation and implementation services.