Our products are backed by a comprehensive range of support services.





Providing innovative products is only part of our solution. Our products are backed by a comprehensive range of support services designed to exceed the needs of our clients.

Our Support staff can provide technical guidance, problem solving and functionality clarification. With direct access to the Callista professional staff who build the software, the Callista Support Team can assist you to solve your Callista issue immediately and decisively.

The Callista Support team meets with clients regularly to discuss software upgrade progress and the rollout of functionality to the business units, as well as progress of outstanding issues in RemeyForce.

Free Call Customer Support Hotline: 1800 620 497 or email support.callista@tribalgroup.com

Services offered by Callista Support include:


RemedyForce Portal

Problems or issues found in any Callista product can be logged in the RemedyForce Customer portal, which is accessible from any location via the Internet, to both log and view the status of a problem. RemedyForce offers internal and client workflow processes for efficiency, and a knowledge base of problems and issues for use as a reference to streamline support management and issue resolution processes.

As our Support staff use RemedyForce to action and track the status of an issue, RemeyForce provides you with a transparent view of the status of problems at all times. RemeyForce is easy to use, with tailored logins, numerous views based on categorisations of issues and client reporting capabilities.

RemeyForce accessed here.

Callista e-Patch

Callista e-Patch provides access to product fixes for the Callista products that you use. An interim revision (or individual product fix) can be accessed and downloaded in only a few steps, direct to your desktop at any time. Each client's view is unique - you will find the content tailored to suit only the products that you use.

e-Patch accessed here.

Callista Knowledge Base

The Callista Knowledge Base is an online forum in which Callista's clients and Callista share their knowledge and experience, which encourages co-operation, best practice and reduced efforts. Clients can also direct questions to Callista in relation to system functionality or initiate discussions in which all clients are able to take part.

Callista Knowledge Room accessed here.

Callista Notifications

The Callista Notifications Teamroom was established to provide a source of general notifications targeting specific staff - both business and technical - at each site. It is an online system where Callista can post questions to clients regarding proposed enhancements to the product undertaken by the Callista Support team, and to notify the client base in regards to critical Oracle alerts that may affect the operation of Callista SMS. It is also used as a distribution mechanism in which to release specific information regarding the product, such as upcoming Release information.

Callista Notifications accessed here..

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