The Callista Student Management System offers a large and comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution for the tertiary education sector.


Focussed solely on the education sector, Callista has developed a high level of expertise and sound development methodologies over the years. We have ensured that our products will be 'fit for purpose' and align closely with the emerging needs of the industry in years to come. This ability is matched and supported by Callista's innovative processes for working with our clients, as a collaborative community.

Callista deploys a technical architecture based on renowned products from global vendors, selected for their excellence in functionality, reliability, security and the availability of support. Callista SMS has a multi-tier architecture consisting of database server, application server and web browser client. Choice is available on server hardware configurations that operate the Solaris (Sparc), Linux (x86-64) or Windows operating systems to provide flexible, scalable solutions that can adapt and change with an institution's needs.


Callista SMS is:

User Friendly - Callista SMS enables efficient and easy-to-use interfaces for self-management of student and academic services and student administration.

Integrated - Integration technologies within Callista SMS and the Oracle platform enable you to bridge the end-to-end business events of the your institution, providing capability to extend event boundaries to government and partner organisations.

Flexible - Our technology platform accommodates changes to institutional structures and processes with through flexible architecture and design.
Callista Developer Kits enable you to extend Callista to meet your specific local requirements.

Fit for Purpose - The collaborative relationship Callista shares with participants of the Callista Community maximises collective business benefits.