Why Collaborate?

Callista's shared service, collaborative model for software development offers the Callista community of tertiary institutions a wide range of benefits:

Shared information

Callista user groups and steering committees consist of business and technical leaders from the tertiary education sector. Sharing of information within the user community is facilitated through online team rooms, regular technical forums and release seminars. This frequently results in the sharing of innovative ideas for better managing business processes - which delivers additional value to participants.

Equitable Sharing of Costs

Callista's distinctive approach divides the cost of its operations among its participants according to pre-agreed principles and a set formula. As new institutions join the Callista community, annual costs can reduce for all members.

Effective and Responsive

Through community collaboration, Callista SMS is continuously refined to meet the changing needs of student administration professionals. Our development processes ensure cost-effective and timely response to regulatory change and government reporting requirements.


The size of our community and the student body it represents has earned us a 'seat at the table' when major industry changes are discussed.

Community Determination and Agreed Outcomes

In contrast to industry practice, Callista does not set product directions according to its own commercial considerations or perceptions of the market. Our collaborative community mutually agrees to product direction and the deliverables it will receive - a year in advance.